Showcase women-friendly products.

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa

Boyert's commitment to making women a part of the shooting sports begins with the atmosphere of the facilities. "We built our stores to look 'homey'; we want women to come out and talk to us and not be intimidated," Manivong said.

The retail space also features women's products from companies like Flashbang, Blade-Tech and Galco. Women like to see, touch and try a product before they buy, so Manivong said they try to have sample/touch points throughout the store. On the range, rental guns include a variety of firearms popular with women, such as the SIG SAUER P938, S&W M&P SHIELD and the CLOCK 42, among others.

Another popular item at Boyert's is Kimber's PepperBlaster. Women like the gun-shaped PepperBlaster because of its features, such as a fouryear shelf life, two-shot capability, 13-foot range and highly concentrated gel formula. Also, a single hit will disable an attacker for 45 minutes or more.

Another important tool to reach women is participating in local events and gun shows. According to Manivong, Boyert's portable simulator is a great way to introduce women to the shooting sports--it allows them to "sample" shooting...

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