Showcase of TIG torches.

Position:FABTECH International & AWS Welding Show 2007

Weldcraft will exhibit its latest TIG torches and accessories at FABTECH. Among the products to be exhibited are Weldcrafl's new Triad (TTG Plus) tungsten grinder, along with the company's full-line of premium tungsten electrodes. Other new products may also be announced prior to the show.


Weldcraft's Triad (TTG plus) tungsten grinder provides the accuracy and versatility needed to prepare tungsten for both orbital and hand-held TIG applications. It features robust industrial motor, precision-drilled entries that can accommodate six different tungsten electrode diameters, and four different grinding angles to ensure reliable arc starting and good weld penetration. Each Triad ships in a sturdy carrying case, and includes a dual-sided diamond-coated grinding wheel, an...

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