Show value, add value, and bring value.

AuthorWalker, April
PositionPart 2

As we look back now at the most recent filing season, which capped off two especially challenging years, a semblance of normal life feels just around the corner.

After the whirlwind of the past two years, we are grateful for the opportunities we have had to deepen our client relationships, to be nimble and agile in a near-daily changing environment, to learn extensively, and, most importandy, to be willing to accept and thrive with the change.

For the most part, our profession, our employees, and our firms have not only survived but have grown during this time. On the flip side, we have seen varied results with our clients--some grew and reaped rewards, and some have suffered significantly, closed, and lost everything.

We recognize and value those experiences and know that we all stand a little taller and share each other's burdens a little more for what we have been through. Now, we move forward.

The first part of this two-part column series provided ideas and guidance on how to perform an introspective review of the entire firm after filing season. We need to focus our efforts on ensuring that our firms, our employees, and our cultures are established and communicated. We want to ensure that our teams know that we care about them personally and professionally. We invest in our teams by creating opportunities where they can grow personally, professionally, technically, and emotionally. We then empower the team to align firm goals and personal goals so that the two will support each other and make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Though it is out of the scope of this column, do not forget how important it is to treat and value employees as well as clients. A firm's best asset is the one that arrives in the morning and logs off at night. Treat that asset with the gratitude it deserves.

Part 2 of this series turns toward the external focus--showing, adding, and bringing value to our clients:

* Show value: Show value to clients by giving them a concrete analysis of continued ongoing success and savings that have resulted from their relationship with the firm;

* Add value: Add value by continuing to evolve and change along with the client; and

* Bring value: By showing up for clients, we will not only be able to support and serve them better, but we can align the value provided with the fees earned. We will share ways to move the relationship from hours to value, from cost to investment.

Here are a few ideas that can be implemented to increase the value proposition that we demonstrate with our clients.


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