Show the customer why the 1911 is special.

Author:Ayoob, Massad
Position:Lethal force

2011 will mark the centennial anniversary of the classic 1911 pistol. The 1911 will be on customers' minds.

Some of them will come into your shop pre-sold. They may know the exact model variation that's their heart's desire, and all you'll have to do is hand them a Form 4473.


Some of them will just have decided they want to buy their first 1911, and now you'll have to shepherd them through the various sizes, calibers and price ranges. Given the plethora from which to choose, that won't be a snap-of-the-fingers job.

And some will simply ask, "What's this whole 1911 thing about, anyway?"

What Makes A Classic?

A whole new young breed of gun enthusiasts exists. They've grown up on modern handguns with polymer frames, and black rifles. Some of them see the 1911 as a quaint anachronism that belongs in a museum. They can understand the sense of nostalgia, but can't imagine why anyone but an antique collector would buy a 1911 to actually use.

But--if you can show them, you can sell them.

Remind the customer that the pistol John M. Browning finalized for Colt's Manufacturing in 1911 stunned the Army Ordnance board by running...

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