Women's Show: free and informative: women have opportunity to learn and grow through show.

Author:Pilkington, Steve
Position:Alaska This Month

Alaska's women have created a lasting mystique as survivors, creators and adventurers through the state's history, such as Iditarod champions and frontier women like the Sisters of Providence who had their own ways of making life in the north what they wished. T-shirts and bumper stickers these days proclaim "Alaska Women Kick ..." well, you know.

This month the 14th Annual Alaska Women's Show at the Sullivan Arena will celebrate all those things Alaska's women love, crave and want to learn--from career advancement and education to fitness to food and remodeling the home.

"It's a blast," said Annie Chavez, production manager for Aurora Productions Inc., the organizer of the Women's Show. "It is a trade show, but it's not a boring trade show."

The show brings in more than 13,000 visitors and is free to the public. This year it runs from April 20 to April 22 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. People can pick and choose what they want to attend, including seminars, cooking demonstrations, and health and fitness demonstrations, Chavez said.

The list of presenters and vendors is large. There will be gourmet-cooking demonstrations throughout the weekend put on by celebrity chefs as well as a presentation about recipes for cooking with beer, she said. Local breweries take part. This also brings up the point that you don't have to be female to attend.

"You see all age groups," Chavez said, from teenagers to moms to seniors.

The show itself began years ago in the wake of what had been an annual bridal fashion show. As the show grew, the numbers and types of people and businesses wishing to take part snowballed into what has become the Alaska Women's Show, Chavez...

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