He Shout!! Tribute to Amiri Baraka.

Author:Pittman, Lakiba

He Shout!! Tribute to Amiri Baraka He shout about me deep within in tunnels where I been, in shadows where I sinned He call me out and force me to stand devout within my own herstory... He shout! There in that place where I hid, where I bones slept unencumbered Until he touch upon my heart with memories of who I be, who I am, what I do When I awaken to wisdom's pearl kept within this shell of protection... He say Wake up daughter... know thyself Know thy people... know the signs and Realign with the truth of who you really are He shout and my ears vibrate in revolutions where institutions spew out pollution A solution to this persecution is to wake up the children and dig my toes in the earth and proclaim this truth in kingdom's ride and justice fights and spiritual sight come forth running laps on ignorance and He shout! It is there that we win, that the earth is unbounded and the sons are set free and the light from the moon radiates the vibration of the call He shout and my heart beats a drum I know A rhythm calling me to the front of the line where I speak in real time Wake Up He Shout! Tell them "Wake Up!!" Lakiba Pittman is an educator, business consultant and creative artist. She is the Director for the Office of Diversity and Adjunct Professor at Notre Dame de Namur University, and a Senior Adjunct Professor at Menlo College where she teaches Race & Ethnicity, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace and Cultural Expression in Media. She is a Student Life Instructor for College Track where she teaches mindfulness and meditation as effective practices to mitigate stressors and maximize opportunities for success in school and life. She also is a Mission Be Mindfulness Instructor teaching at Mountain View and Los Altos High Schools. Lakiba is a member of a global cohort, certified to teach Stanford University's 8-week Compassion Cultivation Training course developed by the Center for...

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