Should Have Just Said No.

Author:Diament-Hansen, Lily
Position:LETTERS - Letter to the editor

I became agitated as I read "Terrorist or Victim of Entrapment?" (October/November issue) and have to question why it appeared in The Progressive.

Samy Mohamed Hamzeh may very well have been entrapped. I have little doubt that our FBI and Joint Terrorist Task Force operate entrapment stings regularly. Steven Potter writes that Hamzeh was arrested after he and two of his friends/cohorts purchased, at bargain basement price, two machine guns and a silencer. Hamzeh is said to have taken possession of these items and placed them in a car.

Let's say he's innocent. His friends bought the firearms. Why was he with them? Why did he not stay in the car? Supposedly, he wanted a handgun for protection. Why not go to a legal gun shop and procure the firearm legally? Then he would not be in the position he...

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