SHORTTAKES ON NCSL NEWS: Summit 2017 Roundup.


More than 6,900 legislators, legislative staff and others convened in Boston this summer for NCSL's largest Legislative Summit in 10 years. Four days were jampacked with sessions on some of the hottest state policies of the day. Lawmakers and staff met colleagues from around the country, received training tailored to them and came home with ideas for their states. If you missed it, visit to view sessions and obtain handouts and other resources. Mark your calendars now for NCSL's 2018 Legislative Summit in Los Angeles.

NCSL leadership changes every year at the Summit. Presidents alternate each year by party. The new officers, from left, are Staff Vice Chair Jon Heining, general counsel for the Texas' Legislative Council; Vice President and Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos; President-elect Senator Toi Hutchinson of Illinois; Immediate Past President Senator Dan Blue of North Carolina; President Senator Deb Peters of South Dakota; Immediate Past Staff Chair Raul E. Burciaga, director of the New Mexico Legislative Council Service; and Staff Chair Chuck Truesdell, fiscal analyst with the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission.

Pollster and political analyst Frank Luntz brought his combative, often in-your-face style to a Summit session on what voters want to hear from their elected officials. People want them to be problem solvers, he said. "They want all of you to work together and they don't accept partisanship," he said. The good news: The public overwhelmingly trusts state and local government more than they do Washington.

More than 225 organizations, associations, government...

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