Shortsighted sales.

Author:Hall, Dave
Position:LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Letter to the editor

Please emphasize, for the millionth time, that women don't need lightweight .38 snubbies to learn how to shoot. I saw a man (sales clerk) at a gun shop in Missouri try to sell this idea to a woman. I couldn't stand bogus comments like, "Just load this and throw it in your purse," and "You shouldn't have any trouble with this."

I finally had to ask him if the small handgun wasn't really a professionals-type gun, since most found the recoil snappy and accuracy difficult. Needless to say, I didn't get any help there, but the lady thanked me for stopping an "attempted robbery."

I can't see why a small businessman would be so shortsighted. He may have made a sale, but never again to this lady or her husband. By...

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