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AmChar Wholesale, Inc.

100% wholesale with no retail outlets. We support legitimate stocking dealers with sporting and law enforcement equipment. Same day shipping, limited free delivery service via AmChar trucks, liberal freight policies & volume pricing. Visit our web site @ or call 800-333-0695

Circle #501



Since 1856, J.G Anschutz Company has manufactured Olympic class firearms second to none in the world. Sporters are built to the same Olympic standards, making them the most accurate rate fire rifles in the world Catalog features 10 new models Price $5.00

Anschatz Catalog

c/o TriStar Inc.

1814-16 Linn St.

N. Kansas City, MO 64116

Circle #502


ArmaLite, Inc.

ArmaLite offers the most complete product line in the business Each ct our powerful .308 caliber AR-10[R] rifles is matched by a compact 16 inch Carbine version, and each AR-10[R] is matched by a twin M15[TM] 223 caliber rifle. We also offer our very innovative AR-50[TM] and AR-30[TM] bolt action rifles. Only ArmaLite offers such a broad balanced product line.

Circle #503



Bangers only sells to independent retailers, no marts. Compare these benefits to your other distributor sources: prepaid freight, dating terms, same day shipping, knowledgeable staff and an extensive product selection. Bangers stocks exclusive special edition guns from companies such as Smith & Wesson, Mossberg, Howa, Thompson/Center and CZ-Call 800-226-4377 or visit

Circle #504


Bianchi International

Bianchi International celebrates its 45th Anniversary with their 2003 catalog. Specializing in Holsters and Accessories for Law Enforcement, Military and Sportsmen, Bianchi has the gear you need. $500

Circle #505


Bill Hicks & Co., Ltd.

Welcome to our expanded 2003/2004 Hunting Catalog! As a wholesale distributor we look forward to serving you with competitive prices, quick delivery and excellent customer service Let our 33 years of experience work for you! To become a member of our exclusive mailing list and receive monthly sales flyers, just send a copy of your state resale certificate to:

Bill Hicks & Co.. Ltd.

15155 23rd Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55447

Toll Free 1 800 223-0702 *

Circle #506


Black Hills Ammunition

Black Hills Ammunition offers Black Hills Gold Hunting Ammunition in 243, 270, 308, 30-06 and 300 Win Mag using Barnes X bullets and Nosier Ballistic Tip[TM] bullets, Now for 2003 in Black Hills Gold will be 25-06 and 7mm Rem Mag. Black Hills has also added a 60 gr Nosier Partition to their line of 223 ammunition and the 38-55 in their Cowboy line. The Black Hills catalog shows a complete line of 223, 308 Match, Cowboy and handgun ammunition Black Hills sells dealer direct Minimum order is 1 case and we pay the freight to the 48 states Call 605-348-5150 to set up your account.

Circle #507



440 pages! Filled with 20,000, top brand-name accessories and over 9000 factory parts to make your rifles, shotguns and handguns look and work better; how-to books, videos, and specialized gunsmithing tools. Full time tech staff answers your questions. Selection Service Satisfaction--100% guaranteed (Business discounts, call 800-741-0015, dept. AA4 for info.) Price of catalog refunded with order. $5.00.

Circle #508


A 40 page, full color presentation of Buck's full knife line, including many new products, all conveniently broken into use-categories--EveryDay, Outdoor, Hunting/Fishing, Tactical and Limited Editions, as well as special projects and accessories. Among the new introductions is the "hybrid" Revolution XT, the handy Newt and the Mini Alpha Hunter.

Circle #509


Colonial Arms

A complete line of the world's finest screw in choke tubes in all gauges for the most major Shotgun manufacturers and after-market installations Lead and steel shot, "elite series" ported tubes, Golden Series" and stainless sporting clay tubes are among the many styles available. All tubes are available for immediate shipment and are manufactured totally in the U.S.A. of the finest U.S. materials. Call or write for a free catalog (334) 872-9455 or (800) 949-8088. Web address:

Circle #510


Crimson Trace Corporation

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