Shibui: A messenger of peace in nature, humanity and diplomacy.

Author:Miller, Carol

Does not the sight of a single leaf, seen through a fence, capture your breath? In this split second of perception and veneration, motion ceases and mindfulness increases. This moment awakens one to enlightenment and wisdom. This moment is shibui.

How the human spirit yearns for these moments of synergy in nature to lift up the mind and engage the heart. This synergy of shibui in nature was reflected at Walden Pond by Henry David Thoreau. Moreover, the synergy of shibui in nature is revealed in mindfulness of a single rose in an Ikebana flower arrangement. Furthermore, the synergy of shibui in nature is reverenced in awe for ancestors. They are honored by descendants in profound bows that embrace the deepest solemnity of sabi. Finally, the synergy of shibui in nature resonates in a Tea Garden and Ceremony. It synthesizes elegance and grace in the past and present. It exemplifies the eternal now in the exquisite harmony of architecture, ceramics, flowers, cuisine, calligraphy and hospitality. Thus, shibui is a messenger of peace in nature.

How can shibui in nature lead us to shibui in humanity? This question, and an answer, will continue this article on Shibui As A Messenger Of Peace In Nature, Humanity And Diplomacy.

Today, humanity is challenged by the Genographic Project. It is the greatest journey ever told. It is the story of the trail of our DNA. This project is sponsored by the National Geographic Society. This Genographic Project reveals that everyone is related in origins by genetics and the geographical compass. However, more important in human ontology is the moral compass because it uses reason to deduct the ancient truths of the Golden Jewel and Golden Rule. These ancient truths invite us to become more compassionate beings in character and conduct. Who better to exemplify this synthesis of shibui in humanity than Dr. Viktor Frankl through revelations in his classic book Man's Search for Meaning. "Since Auschwitz we know what humanity is capable of. Since Hiroshima and Nagasaki we know what is at stake"

What about the trail of our DNA? "Never Again" echoes in these sufferings of humanity in totality as revealed in the book Appeals From Nagasaki by Shing Takahhashi. "Never Again" echoes under the Pillars of Heracles and after the Floods in Genesis. "Never Again" echoes from the infinite sky above and the scorched statue of St. Agnes moved from Nagasaki to the United Nations in New York.

In a world of four concentration camps...

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