ShelterPoint Future Points Upward.

AuthorAcunto, Steve

Insurance Advocate has long recognized our Insurance Team of the Year (2018) ShelterPoint Life Insurance Company ("ShelterPoint Life"), New York's largest statutory disability (DBL) insurance carrier, as a force for good, beyond simply underwriting businesses and families and caring for their clients s immediately and carefully. This is a class act with ateanm that will sustain it well into its next 50 years.

Five years back we termed it this way: "ShelterPoint's achievements in proactive, educational outreach have affected the community most favorably. This new law would have otherwise created disruption for the producer community, employers, and employees in New York State, were it not for ShelterPoint's intelligent, careful approach to the implementation of the new PFL law."

Richard White, CEO of ShelterPoint Life (at right), should be duly proud of what he has...

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