Sheets & Giggles with COLIN MCINTOSH.

Author:Sukin, Gigi
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Colin Mcintosh:

Founder, Sheets & Giggles LLC


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Age: 28


What's he's reading:

"Reddit... which is a bad thing. It's a terrible place."

This year, one millennial with a plethora of ideas parlayed a pun into a full-blown product company. Colin Mcintosh's Sheets & Giggles bedding consists of sustainably made, 400-thread count sateen sheets that are static-free, moisture-wick!ng, use no insecticides or pesticides and are half the cost of its store-bought competition. Mcintosh is also part of a new wave of millennial entrepreneurs pushing conscious commerce, making eucalyptus his fabric of choice.

Mcintosh moved to Colorado in 2015 to participate in Techstars Boulder as part of the founding team of Revolar, a wearable, emergency alert device company, and was let go last fall. Within a few months, he was working full-time on Sheets & Giggles; this May, the company's crowdfunding campaign collected eight times its goal, reaching $215,000 in investment.

ColoradBiz. What inspired your new business?

Colin Mcintosh: For starters, I've always wanted to start a business. People who know me would say I come up with a new business plan every two to three weeks. Also, I'm a serial URL buyer. I probably own a dozen domains, and I would say at least half of them are pun-based.

I was watching this movie with my girlfriend over a year ago now, in which the main character buys a bunch of bedsheets and goes around to a retirement community to sell the sheets. I was still at Revolar at the time, and things were going well.

CB: Why, of all the previous ideas you had, did Sheets & Giggles stick?

CM: This is definitely something I think I can carve a niche in. I think a lot of entrepreneurs and founders, especially the ones I know

In the Colorado area, tend to get really obsessed with a problem and a product.

I think one of the things I learned going through Techstars (with Revolar) is the best businesses tend to have really strong business models from day one. Founders don't stop to think about product-market fit when they're building grand solutions for some problem. Before building anything, everyone should ask, 'Is this something people are willing to pay for?' and build a sustainable business model around their idea.

I'm different from a founder who is obsessed with a particular societal problem. I'm more obsessed with the business and customers.

[With] Sheets & Giggles, you've got a large existing...

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