She Who Walks the Labyrinth.

Author:Samul, Leah
Position:Book review

Work Title: She Who Walks the Labyrinth

Work Author(s): Kassandra G. Sojourner

Creatrix Books

350 pages, Softcover $14.95


ISBN: 0976060442

Reviewer: Leah Samul

To the unhappy inevitability of death and taxes should be added one more grim reality: the misery of the teen years. Even in a society that is as woman-supportive as Minoan Crete, being a teenage girl just plain hurts.

The author is an ordained priestess in the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International. This is her first novel, and it chronicles the entry into adolescence of two young girls, Ansel and Geneera, in Kriti Crete) around 1,500 BCE. The story begins when both girls are about fifteen years old and living in Knossos, Kriti's most cosmopolitan city.

Ansel is bright and highly sensitive, but uncomfortable meeting strangers and painfully insecure about her looks. After surviving an earthquake several months earlier, she has been experiencing inexplicable visions and nightmares, making her fear that her mind is coming unhinged. Her best friend, Geneera, hopes to realize a lifelong dream of becoming a bull dancer. When she is invited to join the troupe, she finds the way resolutely blocked by her mother, who has already lost Geneera's brother to the bull dancer company when he died on the horns of one of the animals. The author deftly intertwines the escapades of the girls with other plot lines and much larger issues as the story develops.

Sojourner's prose is imaginative in recreating ancient Crete, since not much is known about the book's actual historical period. Based on the scant surviving art of the country, some scholars theorize that Minoan Society was non-militaristic and non-violent...

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