Shaw, Tucker. Flavor of the week.

Author:Squicciarini, Stephanie
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

SHAW, Tucker. Flavor of the week. Hyperion. 220p. c2003. 0-7868-5698-X. $5.99. JS

Cyril is in love with his good friend Rose, only she doesn't know it. He knows that she sees him just as a "friend." Cyril is an average kind of guy and Rose is popular, pretty and smart. Rose has broken up with her boyfriend and given up on guys for good so there is no way that Cyril can profess his love for her. Sound familiar? Don't count on it! While this fun book from the author of Confessions of a Backup Dancer serves up a similar tale, it does so with refreshing substance and humor.

Besides his desire for Rose, Cyril has another secret--he is an amazing cook and he desperately wants to attend the legendary American Institute of Culinary Arts. These two secrets don't mix well when Cyril's best friend Nick, who is one of only a few who know of his cooking talent, moves back to town. Nick solicits Cyril's...

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