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Another successful annual conference has passed, and thanks to everyone who attended GFOAs 110th Annual Conference, held May 22-25, 2016, in Toronto, Ontario. Wed like to share some of the highlights with you.

You can view the addresses given by GFOA President Marc Gonzales and immediate Past President Heather A. Johnston at GFOA's 2016 conference. Gonzales outlined his vision for GFOA over the coming year, describing his support for GFOA's resiliency project, our ongoing campaign to strengthen our governments against continuing stresses and through ever-changing resources and requirements. Johnston explained that to make our organizations truly resilient, we need to realize the full potential of our employees and use our expertise to help communities plan for the future. Many of the articles in this issue of Government Finance Review were developed by the resiliency taskforce, which Johnston led over the past year, to help readers address these issues. Those speeches are at

GFOA staff planned this year's conference sessions to provide information about topics of interest to large and small governments, special districts, utilities, and schools, and to GFOA members of all ages. We urge you to go to http:// to read a series of short articles summarizing a variety of these events...

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