Sharing good times with friends.

Author:Ferraez, J.
Position:LATINO LEADERS CELLAR - Product/service evaluation

RECENTLY, a good friend invited us to their home for dinner. I remember vividly that the $1.2 billion winning ticket was up for grabs that Saturday night. So naturally the conversation turned into what if we were to win the lottery, what would we do with it? We all agreed that most likely the grand total amount would end up running our lives. While conversing about possibly winning the ticket, we were zipping and enjoying great tasting wine.

Soon after, the dessert arrived, a Red Berry Napoleon and Cream. My friend Mark, the host, asks if we would like to try a dessert wine, and everybody gladly agreed. So he returned from his cellar carrying a shiny bottle of 1986 Chateau D'Yquem. Wow! It had been quite some years since I tried a 1999 and previous to that a 2001. "I got this bottle before I got married and I still have another one in the cellar," Mark confessed. I was pleasantly surprised and I appreciated his gesture for sharing such high quality of wine with us.

Mark's wife, not fully aware of the caliber of the wine said, "really, has that wine been sitting there for that long? I didn't know that, why didn't we open it before?" The guests drank the D'Yquem like it was another sweet wine. Of course, for me it was a glorious moment and when the bottle of D'Yquem was opened, notes of honey, candied apricots and violet exploded from the glass, silky textured with a perfect balance of sweetness. It was one of the most elegant wines I have tried, classy, with a delicious aftertaste of maple syrup and crystalized pineapple. A great wine to share with some good friends.

Bodegas Garcia Figuero Family "Tnto Figuero 15" 2008

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