Shanower, Eric. Betrayal, Part One.

Author:Galuschak, George
Position:Betrayal, Part One - Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

SHANOWER, Eric. Betrayal, Part One. (Age of Bronze, Vol. 3.) Image Comics. 176p. illus, bibliog. c2007 978-1582407555. $1799. SA *

The Age of Bronze series tells the story of the Greeks' invasion of the city of Troy. In this volume the Achaeans (Greeks) have not yet reached Troy. Instead, they invade the isle of Tenedos. During the battle Achilles slays Tennes, a son of Apollo, and thus earns the wrath of the Sun God. There are two betrayals in this volume. The first occurs after the battle when Philoktetes (an Achaean hero) is bitten by a serpent; he makes so much noise and his wound stinks so badly that his comrades abandon him on a deserted island. The second betrayal occurs when the Achaeans send an embassy to Troy and Menelaus realizes that his wife Helen was not abducted by Paris. She left of her own free will.

The invasion and fall of Troy is an epic tale with a huge cast. Betrayal (along with its predecessors, Sacrifice and A Thousand Ships) tells a long, complex story with flair and style, and is a must-read. The b/w art is action-oriented; characters...

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