Shanghai CDC attends Mississippi Epi-Ready Workshop.

Position:NEHA News - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Over the years, NEHA's Epi-Ready Workshop has played host to environmental health professionals from throughout the nation, but recently Epi-Ready went beyond its national boundaries to train international visitors from Shanghai, China.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Food Safety Office invited Dr. Liu Hong and Dr. Wu Chunfeng from the Shanghai CDC, Department of Food Hygiene to participate in NEHA's Epi-Ready Foodborne Illness Response Strategies Team Training workshop in Canton, Mississippi, August 26-28. This visit was arranged in response to World Exposition 2010 that will be held in Shanghai, China. For more information, visit With 55% of the world's population expected to live in cities by the year 2010, World Expo 2010 will explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st century. As the first World Exposition with a city theme, Exposition 2010 will attract governments and people from across the world, focusing on the theme "Better City, Better Life."

Approximately 50 environmental and public health professionals attended the...

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