AuthorFollette, Robert M. La, Sr.
PositionTeapot Dome scandal

The shameful revelations of the... Committee... have undoubtedly shaken the confidence of the people in their government. Defenders of the present administration in Washington profess to believe that this loss of public confidence is a calamity and there has been a well-organized effort in recent weeks to "choke off" the investigation. It has been whispered about that conscientious members of the Committee are mere scandal-mongers and that the protracted hearings are "hurting business".... While it is true that the confidence of the people in their government is at low ebb, and rightly so, the people of this country can be relied upon to purge that government if they are given the facts. The most dangerous and harmful policy that could be pursued at this time would be the "hushing up" of the investigation, or the lax...

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