Shadow Warriors: The Untold Stories of American Special Operations during World War II.

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Shadow Warriors, The Untold Stories of American Special Operations During World War II. By Dick Camp. Minneapolis Minn.: Zenith Press, 2013. Maps. Illustrations. Bibliography. Index. Pp. x, 246. $30.00 ISBN: 978-0-7603-44293

Col. Dick Camp, USMC (Ret), is a prolific author, having written nearly a dozen books and more than 100 articles on a myriad of Marine subjects. Shadow Warriors divides nicely into two parts: 1) the U.S. Marines in the European/African/ Balkan Theater, and 2) the Asian/Pacific Theater with the newly formed Marine Raider Battalions in the Solomons and Marine operations supporting the OSS in China. Using primary sources from the Marine Corps University Archive and Marine Corps History Division, OSS, and CIA, as well as numerous secondary sources Camp details the exploits of these early, unconventional warriors.

Part one is the first third of this short but tightly written narrative and opens with a discussion of William Eddy, son of Presbyterian missionaries in the Levant and hero of Marine action at Belleau Wood, becoming the Naval Attache Cairo. It is followed by William Donovan's mission in North Africa of organizing guerilla activities and ultimately supporting Operation Torch. From North Africa, Camp takes the action to the Balkans and the complex relationship between the British-supported partisans of Tito and the American-supported Chetniks of Mikhailovich. Camp does an excellent job of depicting the tortuous relationship between the Allies in this often forgotten corner of the war in Europe. Also discussed are Marine participants in OSS operations in France with the Maquisards and supporting the invasion of Southern France.

In the second part, Camp starts with Marine Raider actions on Gavutu-Tanambogo and Tulagi. Here he makes excellent use of first-person interviews with surviving Japanese soldiers, sailors, and airmen to illustrate how and...

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