Shadow puppets.

Author:Farmer, Lesley S.J.
Position:Brief Article

(Ender Series, Book 7). Tor. 375p. c2002. 0-765-34005-4. $7.99. SA

The sequel to Shadow of the Hegemon, this story picks up with Ender's older brother Peter Wiggin as the Hegemon leader of the world. Trying to limit the influence of the evil Achilles, Peter has him taken out of China only to find that Achilles has leveraged his proximity to Peter and his group to facilitate a coup. Two of Peter's main supporters have to stay in hiding: a growing giant and warrior named Bean, and his love Petra (also the center of attraction to Achilles). Peter seems like a reluctant leader, needing to be nudged by his parents. On the other hand, Bean has a hard time doing nothing. Both act like shadow puppets being pulled...

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