Sexual Harassment Prevention.

Author:Pacheco, Linda
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Sexual Harassment Prevention, Online Training, 2007, Workplace Answers, $20-$40.

Jury Awards Millions to Employee!

Yes, the price of discrimination and harassment today can be huge, not only for employers, but also for individual supervisors and managers.

Some supervisors may think harassment training is only conducted to protect their organization from liability. However, in some jurisdictions, supervisors can be held personally liable for harassment.

You might think that large damage awards result only when harassment is particularly outrageous. Not necessarily. High punitive damages are often awarded because an employer didn't follow its own policies or complaints of harassment were ignored.

This means the way that you respond to harassment complaints on the job is crucial!

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors is a self-paced online training course by Workplace Answers designed to provide employers with an affirmative defense against harassment claims. It meets the training requirements of California State Law AB 1825, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and U.S. Supreme Court.

Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors content reflects both recent legislation and case law. It is applicable to California employers and many outside the state, as many other states have recognized the need for employers to take preventative steps against harassment.

The course includes four 30-minute sections, each of which builds upon previous material:

* Sexual Harassment and the Law

* Employer and Supervisor Responsibility

* Complaints, Confidentiality, and Retaliation

* Intersectional Harassment and Advanced Situations

During the course, the student will learn about the law and apply this knowledge to real-world employment situations. Students are presented with scenarios--in some cases, they build on each other--and are asked to answer questions about them.

When they progress to the next slide, they are able to check their answer against the correct answer. Though some of the scenarios may seem extreme, all are based on facts from actual legal cases and anecdotes from human resources professionals.

The course is structured so that it can be completed in a two-hour sitting, which meets California requirements, or it can be taken over several sessions. The system bookmarks where users exit, allowing them to pick right up where they left off.

In addition to the course content, additional material is available through the top...

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