SentryOne has launched CloudLifter, a product suite that simplifies and de-risks migrating SQL Server databases to hosted cloud services. SentryOne CloudLifter includes solutions for re-architecting databases, validating data, and ensuring optimal data delivery before and after the migration. These address many of the roadblocks companies face when transitioning business-critical data systems to the cloud.

SentryOne CloudLifter product suite includes:

- DBA xPress, which helps data teams understand schema and data differences as well as data dependencies as part of the database re-architecture process in preparation for migration

- SentryOne Test, an automated test framework that helps companies test and validate data before and after the transition

- DOC xPress, which helps data teams document databases and database dependencies, conduct metadata discovery, and track data origin

- SQL Sentry Essentials gives DBAs baselining tools so they can optimize SQL Server pre- and post-migration

SentryOne CloudLifter is available to direct customers and through the SentryOne Global Partner Network. The suite is particularly beneficial to managed service providers (MSPs), who will use these solutions to...

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