New sensor patent enables odor detection.

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CogniScent, a developer of systems that detect volatile chemical compounds, has received a U.S. patent for a DNA-based sensor material that will be used with its innovative ScenTraK[TM] odor detection technology. The DNA-based sensing material makes millions of potential sensor variants available and permits the high-throughput screening of individual sensors to find optimal sets for particular problems.

ScenTraK is a lightweight, handheld, highly sensitive system that mimics the way biological noses work by utilizing 23 biologically inspired attributes to detect, identify, and discriminate many different airborne compounds in real time (approximately two seconds).

The biological-modeling approach was derived directly from neuroscience research conducted by Dr. John Kauer and Dr. Joel White of the Tufts University School of Medicine. The system uses an opto-electronic sensor array, and its output drives software algorithms trained to identify specific olfactory patterns. Unlike other odor detection approaches, ScenTrak's patented use of an array of...

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