A sense of wonder: artists and media people are able to evoke awe in ways the rest of us can't.

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Chesterton, perhaps the 20th century's greatest writer and genius, wrote that there were two kinds of artists in the world. "There are two senses in which an artist may work to awaken wonder. One is the basest and vulgarist kind of art; the other is the highest and noblest kind of art. The former is meant to makes us wonder at the artist; the latter is meant to make us wonder at the world."

In this Arts, Entertainment and Media issue, there are a number of artists profiled.

There are also some Latinos in media. You can be the judge of what kind of artists they are, according to Chesterton. But the fact remains that the arts and media world is every bit as influential if not more so than during Chesterton's era, during the beginning of the 20th century.

In this issue, our cover story centers on Eduardo Yanez, perhaps Mexico's current biggest leading man in telenovelas and movies. He has tried to crack Hollywood for the last 20 years, unsuccessfully, yet he vows to keep at it.

Talk about persistence. Judi Jordan, our West Coast Editor, interviewed Patricia Riggen, director of The 33. She also interviewed Ricky Martin, regarding his comeback.

I had the pleasure...

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