SEMS town hall meeting.

Author:Van Aken, Elleen
Position::SEMS Says ... - Society for Engineering and Management Systems - Conference notes


Similar to previous years, IIE's Society for Engineering and Management Systems held a town hail meeting at the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2011. On May 23, in Reno, Nev., approximately 50 people attended an animated meeting designed to provide the state of the society, set out future goals, clarify new strategic initiatives and solicit the involvement of new and current members.

SEMS Immediate Past President Eileen Van Aken started the meeting by introducing past, current and new board members. Both Ryan Underdown (the 20l0-11 past-president) and board member Lisa Claussen received a certificate of appreciation for their years of leadership and service to the society. Election results had been released earlier that day, so new board members Al Thai, Wiljeana Glover and Suzanna Long, along with new President-elect Jennifer Farris, received a warm welcome.

Board members reported on the products and services offered throughout the year, as well as on major initiatives. Van Aken highlighted the contributions of SEMS leaders in Industrial Management, the official publication of SEMS. Jennifer Farris and Sergio Gouvea da Costa reported on the success of the Engineering Management Track of IERC, which SEMS has sponsored for many years. With a total of 30 sessions, 93 accepted abstracts, 70 percent of presentations with a full paper submitted, and 30 percent of international presenters from 10 different countries, the SEMS Engineering Management Track ranks among the top tracks at IERC Michele Dekelbaum and David Stephens were proud to announce the significant growth of the Engineering Management Track at the Applied Solutions Conference, which is targeted to practitioners. It had 16 presentations (an increase of 33 percent) and 20 presenters or panelists (an increase of more than 100 percent). SEMS President Geert Letens provided an overview of the webinars that SEMS has been organizing since February. Presented by leading thinkers such as Mary Poppendieck (lean software development) and Forrest Breyfogle (Integrated Enterprise Excellence), and experts in best practice companies (Sreekanth Ramakrishnam, Michael Testani and Richard Orth from IBM), current and future webinars offer a portfolio of state-of-the-art knowledge and practical guidelines in engineering, management and transformation.

Several people were recognized for contributions to the society. Kevin McManus and Russell Wooten were awarded the 2011 SEMS...

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