Selling Life Jackets for firearms.

Author:Boyles, Carolee Anita
Position:Outdoor marketplace

It's comforting to know there are life jackets for firearms since one of their many uses is protecting the peaceful from those who would do us harm. That is why it's appropriate for Mogul Security Equipment Co. to call its security device the Life Jacket.

The small, portable storage device from Mogul Security may sound like just one of the many other security products on the market, but it has some special features that make it more than a glorified gunlock.

"What a Life Jacket does is save and protect lives," said Alan Teichelman, Mogul Security's president. "Not all firearms need to be locked away from easy access, but you still need to keep them away from children and people who might steal them. The Life Jacket is an inexpensive way to store a firearm securely, but still have it handy."

The design of the Life Jacket is simple. Made of polycarbonate or steel with a soft-foam inner lining, the Life Jacket wraps around the action of the firearm and locks clamshell fashion, preventing anyone from accessing the trigger and firing the gun.

"It uses a double-edged key, allowing quick entry, regardless of how the key is inserted, so you can open the Life Jacket very easily to grab the gun." Teichelman said. "Life Jackets can allow temporary stowage of loaded firearms for quick in-and-out visitation of federal buildings, detention facilities and other carry-prohibited buildings."

The Life Jacket has passed all of California's requirements for a locking case. Teichelman said, and it's on the state's Department of Justice Web site as an approved locking device.


"Many gun owners have used...

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