Self-driving regulation: let the autonomous car industry drive itself.

AuthorScribner, Marc
PositionBrief article

Many politicians are excited about autonomous vehicles--so excited that some have accidentally banned them in their attempts to promote the technology. In California and a handful of other states, lawmakers have outlawed fully autonomous vehicles in their comprehensive authorizing legislation. Fortunately, elsewhere legislators have rejected attempts to prematurely define autonomous vehicle technology and have opted for a much more thoughtful, piecemeal approach.



* In 2012, California enacted a comprehensive autonomous vehicle law, mandating the regulation of a variety of technologies, functions, and administrative procedures.

* California DMV officials charged with implementing the statute soon discovered the law actually outlawed fully self-driving cars.

* The legislature is actively blaming regulators, but for once, this is not the fault of unelected bureaucrats but rather the fault of elected incompetents.

* The legislature is currently attempting to repair their damage.



* Utah has...

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