Selected Multilateral Organizations





Explanatory note: The United States participates in the organizations named below in accordance with the provisions of treaties, other international agreements, congressional legislation, or executive arrangements. In some cases, no financial contribution is involved.

Various commissions, councils, or committees subsidiary to the organizations listed here are not named separately on this list. These include the international bodies for narcotics control, which are subsidiary to the United Nations.

  1. United Nations, Specialized Agencies, and International Atomic Energy Agency

    Food and Agricultural Organization

    International Atomic Energy Agency

    International Civil Aviation Organization

    International Labor Organization

    International Maritime Organization

    International Telecommunication Union

    United Nations

    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization


    Universal Postal Union

    World Health Organization

    World Intellectual Property Organization

    World Meteorological Organization

  2. Peacekeeping

    United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (Golan Heights)

    United Nations Force in Cyprus

    United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon

    United Nations International Criminal Tribunal--Rwanda

    United Nations International Criminal Tribunal--Yugoslavia

    United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission

    United Nations Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina

    United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    United Nations Mission in Kosovo

    United Nations Mission of Observers in Tajikistan

    United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara

    United Nations Observer Mission in Angola

    United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia

    United Nations Observer Mission in Sierra Leone

    United Nations Prevention Deployment Force

    United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor

    United Nations Transitional Administration in Eastern Slovenia

  3. Inter-American Organizations

    Inter-American Drug Abuse Commission

    Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture

    Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission

    Organization of American States

    Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)

    Pan American Institute of Geography and History

    Postal Union of the Americas and Spain and Portugal (PUASP)

  4. Regional Organizations

    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

    Colombo Plan

    Great Lakes Fishery Commission

    North Atlantic Assembly

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization

    Organization of African States

    Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

    South Pacific Commission

  5. Other International Organizations

    Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

    Customs Cooperation Council (CCC)

    Global Environment Facility

    Hague Conference on Private International Law

    International Agency for Research on Cancer

    International Astronomical Union

    International Bureau of the Permanent Court of Arbitration

    International Bureau for the Publication of Customs Tariffs

    International Bureau of Weights and Measures

    International Center for the Study of the Preservation and the Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM)

    International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas

    International Copper Study Group

    International Cotton Advisory Committee

    International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES)

    International Council of Scientific Unions and Its Associated Unions


    International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL)

    International Grain Council

    International Hydrographic Organization

    International Institute for the Unification of Private Law

    International Lead and Zinc Study Group

    International Natural Rubber Organization

    International Organization for Legal Metrology (IOLM)

    International Pacific Halibut Commission

    International Rubber Study Group

    International Seed Testing Association

    International Tropical Timber Organization

    International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources


    International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV)

    International Union of Biological Sciences

    International Whaling Commission

    North Atlantic Fisheries Organization

    North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization

    North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission

    North Pacific Marine Science Organization

    Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

    Pacific Salmon Commission

    United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation


    Wassenaar Arrangement

    World Organization for Animal Health (OIE)

    World Trade Organization (WTO)/General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade


  6. Special Voluntary Programs

    African Institute for Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders

    Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center

    Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)

    International Center for Research in Agroforestry

    International Council of Science

    International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics

    International Federation of the Red Cross

    International Food Policy Research Institute

    International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

    International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

    International Organization for Migration (IOM)

    Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)

    Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization

    Montreal Protocol Multilateral Fund

    Organization of American States Fund for Strengthening Democracy

    Organization of American States Special Development Assistance Fund

    Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel

    Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

    United Nations Afghanistan Emergency Trust Fund

    United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

    United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

    United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

    United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)

    United Nations/Food and Agricultural Organization World Food Program


    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Program (UNHCR)

    United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)

    United Nations Voluntary Fund for the Victims of Torture

    World Health Organization Special Programs


    Headquarters (temporary): Angle des Trois Rues, Avenue Du Ghana, Rue Pierre De Coubertin, Rue Hedi Nouira, BP. 323, 1002 Tunis Belvedere, Tunisia. Internet, E-mail,

    President: Omar Kabbaj

    The African Development Bank (AFDB) was established in 1964 and, by charter amendment, opened its membership to non-African countries in

    1982. Its mandate is to contribute to the economic development and social progress of its regional members. Bank members total 77, including 53 African countries and 24 nonregional countries. With the September 1999 ratification of the agreement on the fifth general capital increase, Bank ownership is 60 percent African and 40 percent nonregional.

    The African Development Fund (AFDF), the concessional lending affiliate, was established in 1973 to complement AFDB operations by providing concessional financing for high-priority development projects in the poorest African countries. The Fund's membership consists of 25 nonregional member countries, South Africa, and AFDB, which represents its African members and is allocated half of the votes.

    In February 2003, security concerns resulted in AFDB headquarters temporarily relocating to Tunis, Tunisia.


    Headquarters: 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City, 0401 Metro Manila, Philippines. Phone, 632-632-4444. Fax, 632-636-2444. Internet,

    President: Tadao Chino

    The Asian Development Bank commenced operations on December 19, 1966. It now has 63 member countries--45 from Asia and 18 from outside the region.

    The purpose of the Bank is to...

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