Sedgwick, Marcus. The dark flight down.

Author:Farmer, Lesley
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

SEDGWICK, Marcus. The dark flight down. (The Book of Dead Days.) Random House, Wendy Lamb. 240p. c2005.0-385-74645-8. $15.95. J

Readers of The Book of Dead Days will appreciate the arrival of this sequel. Boy, who has survived the death of his master, magician Valerian, connects with the equally mysterious Kepler. Boy also comes to the attention of Emperor Frederick, who wants to live forever; he thinks that the secret of immortality lies in a special volume of Valerian's. Boy also wants to find the book in order to learn the secrets of magic. Unfortunately, the emperor's henchmen find Boy before the book is discovered. Boy is tossed into a dungeon, but is soon befriended by a power-hungry sage named Maxim. Each person seeks answers to questions, and seeks the source of that information in sane and insane...

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