Security Liens

AuthorRandi Karpinia
I. Abstract
As intellectual property rights have become increasingly valuable
assets for many companies, it has become common for commercial
lenders to secure obligations of borrowers using as collateral not
only their tangible assets but also their intangible intellectual
property assets. In other words, the intellectual property owner
will pledge its patents, trademarks, and copyrights as collateral
for funding to facilitate a commercial transaction. A security inter-
est is not a present ownership interest; however, it is an interest
superior to subsequent assignment and security interests. The
intellectual property owner can still assign its rights, but until
a formal release is executed, any subsequent purchaser takes
Security Liens
By Randi Karpinia*
* This book was the brainchild of the phenomenal Lacy Kolo whose vision, dedica-
tion, and encouragement provided the foundation for each of us to contribute. Thank
you Lacy! As Helen Keller so perfectly said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can
do so much.” To all my fellow authors I say thank you for the privilege to be a part of
this amazing yet practical, real-world book. Most important, nobody has been more
essential to me in the pursuit of this book, my career, and my life than the members of
my family. I would like to thank my husband, best friend, and all around cheerleader,
David, along with all of my family—without your support, I could never “be all that I
can be.”

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