Section 4 officers: so many generals among them.


Maj. Gen. John L. Martin, USAF (Ret.) and Maj. Gen. David V. Miller, USAF (Ret.)

We were advanced flight instructors at Kelly Field graduating in March 1941 in the Class of 41B. Col. Hubert R. Harmon commanded Kelly. Now deceased, he went on to become a major general. His assistant commandant was Lt. Col. Isaiah Davies, who rose to brigadier general. On at least three occasions in 1941 and 1942, Colonel Davies was the flight leader of 72 AT-6 and BC-1 aircraft in one formation. His pilots were section chiefs, operations officers, echelon commanders, and instructors. Davies and the four chiefs conducted "pass in reviews" over the Taj for the retirement of Air Corps general officers. Takeoffs and landings were in formation toward the South, on the sod of Kelly Field, with thirty-six aircraft passing on each side of the Kelly water tower for landings.

The first one of these flown by us was at least interesting, but as a wingman all one needed to do was "tuck in" really close for thirty to forty minutes; we could all do that very well. Moreover, we were all...

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