Second Generation's View of the Pioneers.

Position:Brief Article

I am honored Dom Serafini invited me to write the introduction for Video Age's special issue featuring pioneers in our business. Having attended my first market 17 years ago, I vividly recall many of the milestones being recognized in these pages. Also, since I proudly share a surname with a TV industry leader, I feel a special link between those who literally created this field and those now taking it to new and interesting heights.

While each of the people profiled is unique, they share many of the same qualities: vision, perseverance, high standards of excellence, an appreciation for the world's diversity and, most significantly, a love of television. (They also probably share a strange ability to instantaneously calculate time zones as well as a high tolerance for airport lounges.) These pioneers have seen the business evolve from one based purely on relationships and instinct to one driven by ratings, profits and legal contracts and (like most of us), I believe they hope the future will bring a commonsensical balance to both these sides.

My contemporaries and I -- who are often labeled international television's next generation -- are well aware of the foundation these innovators...

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