Second Amendment Regulation re Guidelines for Rent Use of Forest Areas

AuthorWilliam A. Sullivan/Christian Teo Purwono & Partners
ProfessionLicensed Foreign Advocate in Indonesia as well as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales
Second Amendment Regulation
re Guidelines for Rent Use of
Forest Areas
I. Executive Summary
1. Overview
1.1 The Second Amendment Regulation in respect of MoFORR 18/2011 re
Guidelines for Rent Use of Forest Areas (hereinafter referred to
as MoFORR 14/2013) was issued with legal effect from 20 Feb-
ruary 2013.
1.2 MoFORR 14/2013 (i) amends Articles 7A, 10.3, 14.1(c), 14.2, 16, 17,
26, 27, 33, 36.3 and 45(o) of and (ii) inserts a new Article 10B in
MoFORR 18/2011.
1.3 MoFORR 18/2011 was previously amended by MoFORR 32/2012.
2. Approach
2.1 Roads: The utilization, by Rent Use Permit holders, of roads con-
structed by Forest Utilization Permit Holders, State Owned Forestry
Public Corporations, the developers of Special Purpose Forest Areas
or other Rent Use Permit holders and vice versa will, henceforward,
be carried out on the basis of a utilization scheme of shared facilities
and not by way of the issuance of a Rent Use Permit.
2.2 Ecosystem Restoration etc: Production Forest Areas, which are
already the subject of Timber Utilization Business Licenses for Eco-
system Restoration in Natural Forest, will no longer be the subject of
Rent Use Permits for mining activities. Similar restrictions on the
issuance of Rent Use Permits are also imposed in the case of buffer
zones, protected zones and other areas.

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