Scuba Bags Adapted For Military Market.

Author:Mayfield, Mandy
Position:News Briefs

A small company that created a number of storage systems impenetrable by water, odors--and even radio frequencies--is sellings its products to the military.

Linda Kennedy, president and CEO of Loksak, said her diving hobby inspired her to create the company after she discovered a need for a waterproof bag.

"I [originally] sold it to dive industry. It's a really small market. And then when I started using them myself for everything else, I just ... started adding applications," she said in an interview.

The company expanded from its initial product after recognizing a gap in the marketplace, Kennedy said. Now the receptacles can be used for everything from weapon and munitions storage, to preserving sensitive documents.

The first bag created was the aLoksak--a hermetically sealed bag made from Food and Drug Administration approved materials that make the bag 100 percent waterproof

Loksak bags are used by all branches of the military to protect equipment from environmental exposure.

"We do sell a lot of these [bags] to the military," said John DiPietro, a military government sales consultant at Loksak. "Once a weapon is clean it goes in here and its stays clean."

Loksak specifically works with ADS Inc., which streamlines selling to multiple federal agencies. It is also on the GSA...

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