Scrutinizing Sex Under Natural law: Unitive Sex, Self-Gratifying Sex, and Concepts of Harm

Author:Marvin Lim
Position:Yale Law School, J.D.; Emory University, B.A. For editorial guidance, my substantial thanks to Zachary O'Driscoll, Carley Kranstuber, and the staff of the Capital University Law Review. A special note of gratitude to the late Robert 'Bo' Burt, for inspiring this piece and reading earlier drafts.

Criticism of the Catholic conceptualization of unitive sex is very much in line with the sex-positive criticism that sexual regulation often attempts to prevent harms that stimply do not exist. At the same time, it also serves to argue that there are, indeed, potential consequences that might be currently undervalued in contemporary discourse on sex. Here, Catholic morality and natural law lend... (see full summary)

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