Scott ST Louis Chapter and National NDTA sponsor recreation room.

Position:CHAPTER NEWS* - National Defense Transportation Association

The Scott St Louis Chapter and National NDTA headquarters sponsored a Recreation Room at the Scott AFB Aeromedical Staging Facility (ASF) to make life a little more comfortable for transiting injured military members. The "Adopt a Room" Program began as an opportunity to bring the comforts of home into a bland hospital environment, but when funding for upgrade fell short, private organizations joined in to help the facility.

Military members, who were injured while in action in Kuwait, Iraq, or Afghanistan, come to ASF following stabilization and re-entry back to the states for recuperation. The Scott AFB ASF is a necessary stopping point on a long journey back to recovery. Most stay just a day, but for those who stay longer, the comfortable surroundings are our way to say thanks and help make things better during the wait before going home. Currently, 13 rooms are sponsored for returnees; they are individually theme-decorated with sports memorabilia or regional accents from the beach or the Texas plains.

NDTA became aware of the program during the 20th Anniversary celebration at USTRANSCOM, where Mary Wykle, wife of LTG Ken Wykle, NDTA President, received a tour of the facility and an introduction to...

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