Scott, Elizabeth. Perfect you.

Author:MacGregor, Amanda
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

SCOTT, Elizabeth. Perfect you. Simon & Schuster. 279p. c2008. 978-0-4169-5355-5. $9.99. S *

Kate's sophomore year is shaping up to be a spectacular mess. Her former best friend is now popular and acts like Kate doesn't even exist. Kate's father suddenly quits his job to pursue his dream, which is to sell Perfect You vitamins at a booth in the mall. His impetuous and irresponsible behavior lands the family in money trouble, so life at home is tense and stressful. To make matters worse, poor Kate is forced to work for her father, spending most of her free hours trapped at the mall, trying to avoid humiliation. At school and at work, she verbally spars with Will, a boy she supposedly can't stand, yet admits to being "reluctantly lust-ridden" for. With her family falling apart and her best friend turning her back on her, the last thing Kate feels she can handle is being made a mockery of by Will, a notorious...

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