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The Micro Maxi is the highest rated scooter for ages five to 12. Kids love the ride, and you will love the years of fun and exercise it gives your children. The smooth-gliding Micro Maxi has a curving and carving action that allows kids to surf the sidewalk like a skateboard, with the handlebar providing greater control and maneuverability. The polyurethane wheels and flexible fiberglass reinforced deck absorb any bumps along the way.

For steering, choose between the traditional T-Bar or the Joystick for maximum curving and carving action. The handlebar styles are inter changeable and available as an accessory, so if you choose the T-Bar to start you can upgrade to the Joystick as skills develop. Both steering sticks extend from 24" in to 34" above the deck.

The Micro Maxi is recommended for kids up to 110 lbs. Its strong construction is flexible and lightweight, making it a great cruising scooter for urban and suburban neighborhoods alike.

The Pedalflow, meanwhile, is an innovative...

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