Schools better equipped than senior centers.

Position:Defibrillators - Brief article

A significantly greater percentage of high schools have automated external defibrillators (AEDs)--devices that can be used to treat cardiac arrest victims--than senior centers, despite the fact that cardiac arrests appear more common in the latter locale, documents research from the University of Iowa, Iowa City.

The study raises questions about how decisions are being made regarding which public locations merit these potentially lifesaving devices. The investigators found that cardiac arrests were relatively uncommon in high schools, with a rate of about two percent per year compared with a rate of 20% in senior centers. However, they also found that 37% of high schools report having one or more defibrillators available on campus. In contrast, 10% of senior centers have the units.

"In theory, you want to put the defibrillators in places like senior centers where there are more cardiac...

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