Schermbrucker, Reviva. Lucky fish!(Brief Article) (Young Adult Review) (Book Review)

Author:Swaim, Jessica

SCHERMBRUCKER, Reviva. Lucky fish! Jacana (5 St. Peter Rd., Houghton 2198 South Africa). 211p. c2003. 1-919931-73-2. $17.00. S

Readers unfamiliar with the apartheid regime of South Africa may be confused by the political backdrop of this novel set in Johannesburg during the 1960s, despite the chronology of events provided at the beginning. The reasons for Steven Carter's father's arrest and his mother's subsequent imprisonment are never completely clarified. As "jail orphans," 13-year-old Steven and his 15-year-old sister Jane carry on their everyday lives with minimal supervision from various adults who help out. Written in an episodic...

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