ScaleFlux, Inc. has added new features in its CSS 1000 product line: Atomic Write and Namespace Streams. /These features are available to existing customers (via a downloadable package) and to new customers. Both Atomic Write and Namespace Streams enable performance and endurance benefits for data-intensive workloads.

Atomic write (AW) is the ability to guarantee a single write of blocks up to 1MB in size. For database applications, this assures each Database record update is written in its entirety in a single transaction rather than breaking up the write into multiple transactions. This bypasses the traditionally used Double Write Buffer and increases drive endurance as a result of reducing total write operations. AW preserves existing benefits such as recovering data in the event of a crash and increases transactions per second for write-intensive workloads.

Namespace Streams (NS) greatly improves Flash storage I/O performance, latency and endurance by minimizing unnecessary garbage collection. NS allows customers to create separate Streams of logically-associated data with different life cycles by simply associating each Stream with a Namespace. For example, log updates, files, and transaction records could each be a Stream. CSS then places the data from a given Stream together on physically- associated region of Flash, each with its own set of garbage collection units and its own tunable overprovisioning. This yields lower overall latency and write amplification.

Large scale data centers are now demanding hardware-based application acceleration faster...

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