Scab, Scab, Scab.

Position:Poems of Censure and Condemnation - Poem

Scab, Scab, Scab Altho' it's not my color, I'm feeling mighty blue, I have a lot of trouble, I'll tell it all to you. I'm certainly clean disgusted with life and that's a fact, Because my job is scabby and because my character is black. My girl she took a notion against the scabby race. She said if I would win her I'd have to change my place. She said if she would wed me that she'd regret it bad, Because I am an unfair man and working as a scab. Chorus: Scab, scab, scab, I wish my color would fade, Scab, scab, scab, I wish my job was played, Scab, scab, scab, I give my life for the maid. I wish I was a union man instead of scab, scab, scab. I had my white shirt...

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