SC Lawyer, November 2006, #1. Electronic Case Filing Update.

South Carolina Lawyer


SC Lawyer, November 2006, #1.

Electronic Case Filing Update

South Carolina Lawyer November 2006 Electronic Case Filing Update

District of South Carolina This is the first in a series of brief columns addressing the District of South Carolina's Electronic Case Filing (ECF) procedures and other topics of interest to the federal court bar. We'll try to keep the columns short and sweet, addressing significant changes or problem areas. This column covers five topics: (1) judges' filing preferences; (2) changes in key documents (Policies and Procedures and Attorney User Manual); (3) outreach and education; (4) conversion and scanning; and (5) helpful hints.

Judges' Filing Preferences

The most frequent complaint we've received about ECF is the difficulty following the diversity of filing preferences among our judges. We've heard you and began the process of completely revising our Judges' Filing Preferences early this summer. The process had two goals: clarifying the requirements and reducing the degree of variance in what is required.

The revised preferences are on our Web site and are in two parts: Standard Preferences and Judge-Specific Preferences. The Standard Preferences will reflect the most common choices of our judges and will apply unless a judge indicates a Specific Preference. You will notice that most judges have only a few Specific Preferences (that is, variances from the Standard Preferences).

Changes in key documents

Since initial implementation, the Policies and Procedures (P&P) have been updated twice. The Attorney User Manual (AUM) is undergoing revision. We won't try to cover the specific changes here, but you can find short charts summarizing the P&P changes on the court's Web site at Please print these out and share them with your staff.

Outreach and education

Once is just not enough at least where ECF training is involved. That's why we'll be publishing ECF articles with tips, explanations and instructions for using the ECF system.

In addition to this column, we'll send occasional updates to our filing users by e-mail. These e-mails will have the subject line "E-Updates from the District Court" and will be used to let you know when there are significant changes to the P&P, AUM or Judges' Filing Preferences, as well as to share helpful hints...

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