SC Lawyer, May 2004, TOC. Table of Contents.

South Carolina Lawyer


SC Lawyer, May 2004, TOC.

Table of Contents

South Carolina LawyerMay 2004Table of ContentsSC Lawyer, May 2004, #1Electronic discovery - developing solutions to new and complex challengesBy J. Mark Jones and John D. MartinSC Lawyer, May 2004, #2Ethics Watch May 2004 The conflicted real estate closing - practicing with eyes wide shutBy John FreemanSC Lawyer, May 2004, #3Beyond the Bar May 2004 The corpus evidentia in family courtBy Warren MoïseSC Lawyer, May 2004, #4Intellectual property protection as an effective covenant not to competeBy Douglas W. Kim and John A. DemosSC Lawyer, May 2004, #5Protecting your non-citizen client from immigration consequences of criminal activityBy Allen C....

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