SC Lawyer, March 2011, ii. March 2011 - Table of Contents.

South Carolina BAR Journal


SC Lawyer, March 2011, ii.

March 2011 - Table of Contents

South Carolina LawyerMarch 2011Table of ContentsSC Lawyer, March 2011, #1Caveat Venditor: South Carolina's Implied Warranties and Tort Liability in Residential ConstructionBy Joshua D. SpencerSC Lawyer, March 2011, #2Legislature Makes Permanency a Priority for Children in Foster Care Overview of Senate Bill 1172By Michelle DhunjishahSC Lawyer, March 2011, #3Discovery of Insurance Claims Files: An Analysis of Attorney-Client and Work Product Privilege DefensesBy Jeffrey J. Wiseman and Joseph W. Rohe SC Lawyer, March 2011, #4...

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