SC Lawyer, March 2009, i. March 2008 - Table of Contents.

South Carolina Lawyer


SC Lawyer, March 2009, i.

March 2008 - Table of Contents

South Carolina LawyerMarch 2009Table of ContentsSC Lawyer, March 2008, #1Representing a Buyer in an Uncertain Economy: Mitigating the RiskBy Melinda Davis LuxSC Lawyer, March 2008, #2The Economic Loss Rule Survives Colleton PrepBy Susan M. Glenn and Paula M. BurlisonSC Lawyer, March 2008, #3Just When You Thought You Understood the Family and Medical Leave ActBy Eric Schweitzer and Luci NelsonSC Lawyer, March 2008, #4Master of His Domain: The Equity Court-Yesterday and TodayBy H....

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