SC Lawyer, July 2007, i. July 2007 - Table of Contents.

South Carolina Lawyer


SC Lawyer, July 2007, i.

July 2007 - Table of Contents

South Carolina LawyerJuly 2007Table of ContentsSC Lawyer, July 2007, #1Should I Stay or Should I Go? Deciding Whether to Appeal or File a Motion to ReconsiderBy David ProffittSC Lawyer, July 2007, #2South Carolina Court Interpreters and the Rules of Professional ConductBy Tammy Besherse, with contributions from Dr. Virginia BenmamanSC Lawyer, July 2007, #3Retiring the Title to Mobile HomesBy Brian C. PhillipsSC Lawyer, July 2007, #4The Pension Protection Act of 2006: Wide Ranging Changes to...

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