Say hello to Internet phone.

Author:Oleh, Pius
Position:Technology - Brief Article

The Internet phone is currently revolutionizing how we communicate worldwide. Although it's been around for some time, most people ignored it because of the poor voice quality.

So why use the Internet telephone? First, with Internet phone, you can make long-distance calls--both state-to-state and international--for free or save more than 80 percent on your traditional phone bill. In addition, you can also multitask while using 'Net phone.

Internet phone voice quality has improved tremendously thanks to improvements in technology, and also because telephony accessory manufacturers are teaming up with 'Net phone providers to improve the product.

Internet phone is a bonanza for people who often make substantial long-distance calls, especially those who have families outside the country.

Internet phone can be used by anybody--including businesses of all sizes. Small companies will benefit because it will help to cut costs on calls to...

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